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Freezer/ Mill
Our larger cryogenic impact grinder with self-contained liquid nitrogen tub, liquid nitrogen level sensor, insulated case, programmable timer, and speed control. Grinds single samples up to 100g Vials simultaneously. Accessory Packages must be chosen to match choice of vials; grinding vials and accessories must be purchased separately. Liquid nitrogen necessary for operation. Optional Auto-Fill System available for maintaining liquid nitrogen level.   6800 Freezer/Mill Photo
6750 Freezer/Mill
Vortex Mixer

We offer mixers ideal for mixing solutions in test tubes. They function automatically by exerting pressure on the small stirring cup. A switch which is found at the front of the apparatus, enables the mixer to function continously.


pH/ Ion/ Conductivity/ DO meter
We offer various types of pH meter, Ion meter, conductivity meter and DO meter. Most meters are easy-to-use and some of them are advanced microprocessor based which can be connected with computer and software for data analysis.
Hot Plate/ Magnetic stirrer
Advanced Technology offer various types of hot plate/ magnetic stirrer. The heating plate is completely in alluminium for a better heat diffusion, with incorporated probe for a more precise temperature control. The vetroceramic plate prevents corrosive agents and acids from attacking the stirrer, eliminating rust and corrosion problems. Its powerful motor and strong magnetic field allow this stirrer to be an ideal apparatus for specially heavy operations.    
Digital Pipettes and Dispensers
Different liquid handling machine such as digital pipette and dispenser are available in stock, it is convenient to handle solvents, acids or different types of liquid. Some of them are autoclavable.  
Hollow Cathode Lamp for AA/ICP 
Whether it’s single-element or multi-element, coded or non-coded – Advanced Technology has a wide selection of Hollow Cathode Lamps as direct replacements for AAS instruments. Available in the two standard sizes: 2.0” diameter for direct replacement in Perkin Elmer ® instruments and 1.5” diameter for Varian ®, Buck ®, Shimadzu ®, and other OEMs.
We offer various types of Electronic Analytical Balance, they use in a wide range of applications including schools, jewelry shops, offices and laboratories with high accuracy at an affordable price. The accuracy is from 1g to 0.01mg depend the usage of it.  
Rotary Evaporator Flow Meter
Heating Mantle
Water Bath
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