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Wide range of glassware of different brand offered. You can find air condenser, beaker, test tube, dropping bottles, BOD bottles, digestion tube, Erlenmeyer flasks, Liebig condensers, Nessler cylinder, volumetric flask, measuring cylinder, burette, pipette, separating funnels, rotary evaporator, glass rods, glass vials, different sample vials.





Wide range of plasticware available in our stock such as culture flasks, cell scraper, cell culture dishes, multi well cell culture plates, 96 well micro plates, petri dishes, pipette tips, conical entrifuge tube, conical tube rack, PCR tube rack, omni Box, cryo boxes, storage boxes, wide-mouth bottles and, PP Erlenmeyer flasks etc.

PP/ HDPE Wide Mouth Bottles

We offer various types of wide mouth bottles, it made from Polypropylene and High Density polyethylene with Polyethylene screw cap. They are durable and suitable for shipping chemical or liquids, leak proof and autoclave. Besides, we also provide different types of glass bottles and plastic bottles with different size, shapes, narrow mouth and wide mouth.



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