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Various types of teaching products available, it includes microscopes, atomic models, test tube rack, biological model, reference slides, watch glass, Bunsen burner, boss head, stands, test tube clamps, test tube brush, wash bottle, crucible, different glassware and plasticware, instruments forphysics and engineering (details see below).

We also have many instruments for Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Meterology and Lab. Tools



  Properties of Materials   Magnets  
  Spring Balances and Dynamoneters Masses   Magnetisation Kit  
  Pulleys & Gear Systems   Magnetometers  
  Dynamics Trolleys   Dip Needles  
  Circular Motion      
  Flued Mechanics   Electrostatics materials  
  Specific Gravity   Van de Graff Generator  
  Flued Pressure Apparatus   Plate Capacitors  
  Gas and liquid Flow   Electreoscope  
  Kinetic Theory Models      
  Expansion of Solids, Liquids, Gases   Simple cells  
  Calorimetery   Circuit Boards  
  Thermal Conductivity   Westminster Electromagnetic Kit  
  Convection   Demonstration Transformers  
  Energy Conversion   Electric Motors  
  Light   Galvanomenters  
  Mirrors and Lenses   Wheatstone Bridges  
  Ray Boxs and Sets   Inductance - Capacitance  
  Optical Bench      
  Spectrometers   Electronics  
      Logic Trainer  
  Sound   Kits  
  Wave Models   Signal Generator and Amplifiers  
  Ripple Tank   Oscilloscope  
  Sonometers, Tuning Forks      
    Atomic Physics  
    Millikan Appratus  




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