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Advanced Technology & Industrial Co., Ltd.,
A key laboratory distributor based in Hong Kong with offices in China served to industrial & research needs since 1993.

Over 27 years serving the industries & research and education market
Over 1.2 millions product in our web search database.
Connecting with over 220 manufacturers worldwide.
Stock over 15000 items in our warehouse.
Welcomes enquire by Putonghua, Cantonese and English.
HKD or RMB INVOICE available. , our products range as follows:

  • Biochemical, electrophoresis reagent & diagnostic kit

  • Catalyst / enzyme

  • Deuterated / radiolabeled compound & stable isotope

  • Cell, microbiology, & molecular biology product

  • NIST, GBW, Certified standard, National standard, WHO standard, Impurities, Standards & reference

  • Chromatography product, Vial, Septa, Syringe Filter & other accessories, derivatization reagents

  • Deuterium / radiolabeled compound & stable isotope

  • Engineering & electronic material

  • Filtration & separation product

  • Fine chemical, cosmetic & pharmaceutical / diagnostic ingredient

  • High purity compound & solvent

  • Immunobiological reagent, Antibodies, Peptide

  • Analytical, Organic, Ionic liquids, Organiometallic & Inorganic reagents

  • Labware, laboratory equipment & apparatus

  • Metal, Alloy & Ceramic in different form

  • Monomer, polymer, & composite

  • Microscopy & Histology product

  • Phytochemical and Herb Extraction compounds, Carbohydrates, Nucleosides, Enzyme substrates & chemiluminescence

  • Small molecule, API, Pharmaceutical immediate chiral compounds

  • Sputtering target and Nano Material

  • Stain & dye, Microscopy & Histology products

  • Cytokines, Inhibitor, Signaling pathways compound, Libraries & Elisa kits, Custom Synthesis

  • Culture media, Supplements & Antibiotics

  • Safety product

  • Shaking, magnetic stirring , heating, ultrasonic cleaner and bath

  • Teaching tools for science & math educators

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